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Born in 1995, I was the kid who loved to dance and listen to music. When I was 12 I learned my first instrument. When I was 16 I fell in love with music, and DJs! I learned how to mix songs together and had a blast doing it. At 18 I started working for a wedding DJ company, and learned how an attitude of gratitude and focusing on fun could create a dominating brand of DJ service excellence. At 20 I started making my own music, and toured with upcoming artists around the Midwest, DJing and performing at shows. At 22 I graduated Buena Vista University with a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering and Sound Design. Mastering audio equipment and sound theory. At 26, I saved up money, quit my job as a realtor, and created my own DJ company.

Accumulating the 10+ years of experience I've accrued over the industry and my college education, I will help create lifelong memories out of your special Day! Whether that be a wedding reception, a school dance, or a company party, My honed skill of music choice and hosting experience will create a perfect environment for your special day and the people involved. I've DJ'd well over 200 weddings with some of the best and reputable companies like KNM Productions and Complete weddings and events. With all that experience, there aren't too many scenarios that

I haven't run into and know how to fix.
My job is simple, but all of the little things add up. We all know a wedding that stunk because the DJ had no clue what to do and made the experience less than its potential. My goal is to make EVERY event perfect for the crowd, and clients.
I have an obsession with music, and getting people to lower their guards and have some fun just dancing with their friends and family. I know that's more important now than ever, as we struggle to see our families and share moments of joy. I'll do everything in my power to make your special day as awesome as possible. 
I believe that music has the power to create miracles. I love being able to use music, with a sprinkle of a fun attitude, to create memories that last a lifetime.

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